Our humble mission


humble was born in Shanghai in 2020. We are passionate about scents, focus on exploring the joys of life, and we prefer the “different” visual expressions. We try to convey an atmosphere of fun and special forms to the usual daily moments, creating a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
humble supports the attitude of “humility” and “humor”. We hope that we can uphold the humility to respect every moment, every thing and every one in life, embrace diversity, and maintain a humorous attitude.  


The first candle we made was the Parthenon. This candle, named after the famous Parthenon temple in Athens, is showing Ancient Greek gods living their lives with some convenient elements from modern life.


The second humble candle was the Silent Temple, representing a samurai practicing his sword skills in a Japanese Shinto temple.


We later designed the Home Alone candle. Of this candle, with shape of a modern architecture house, we have also brought out a Christmas edition and a Chinese New Year edition.


Every product of humble conveys our philosophy from beginning to end. We always enjoy to explore new combinations of different designs and fragrances. Follow us on social media, or keep checking our website for new designs and offers.


Our products

Our fragrances are carefully designed in cooperation with Drom Fragrances (www.drom.com). Our candles are made of resin, a solid material, in which the design will come out perfectly sharp. The wax of the candles is made of 100% natural beans or soy. We provide refills for the candles that are burnt-out, this way you can keep enjoying your candles, maybe even switch to a different scent if you like, and contribute to saving our environment.